CPA’s Indirect Cost Rate Report with the following attachments:

1.     Completed AASHTO Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) (fillable PDF, 2016)

2.     Certification of Final Indirect Costs

3.     Copy of the Overhead Audit Report

4.     Copy of Cognizant Letter

5.     Copy of the Internal Control Report

Revised: August 31, 2017


NOTE:  The Indirect Cognizant Cost Rate Report will be review imminently provided that the Cognizant Letter and all of the above items have been attached. TxDOT will not review the file submitted until the Cognizant Letter is received with all above information.


Please submit the audit report with all attachments via email. Call (512) 416-2315 or (512) 416-2726 to get the submittal email address.

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