Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Task Force
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Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Task Force

What is needed?

TxDOT recognizes that new forms of mobility will require new ways of thinking about roads and infrastructure. Roadway safety and efficiency are top TxDOT priorities, and we are willing to put in the work to explore new ideas to make our transportation system better. Every year, we solicit research problem statements to define future work. If you are interested in submitting a particular idea you believe TxDOT should consider for research, please download a problem statement and submit it. Please include “CAV Workgroup” as the project sponsor.

Automated vehicle deployment map

What is coming?

Connected and automated vehicles are a growing area of interest in Texas. Pilot programs are popping up in cities across the state, as well as on long stretches of roadways in rural areas. To help Texans get ready for what is coming, Gov. Greg Abbott has directed TxDOT to establish a CAV Task Force. This statewide task force will provide Texans with a single, unified source of information regarding the coordination and advancement of CAV and CAV technologies across the state. Members of the task force will include representatives from other state agencies and public entities, as well as key industry stakeholders.

The Texas Connected and Automated Vehicle Task Force will hold its first meeting in September 2019. This meeting will be an opportunity for industry stakeholders and state leaders to come together and start taking the necessary steps to ensure Texas is ready for what lies ahead. 

Frequently asked questions

Who is involved in the CAV Task Force?

The CAV Task Force is composed of members from the Texas Department of Transportation, local governments and transportation officials throughout Texas, community members and industry anticipating significant changes to Texas roadways in the coming decades. Each of these stakeholders is necessary to better ensure all areas of CAV are thoroughly considered as we prepare Texas for the future.

What are connected and automated vehicles?

Connected vehicles are cars or trucks that can “talk” to other vehicles. Automated vehicles are cars or trucks that can drive without a human operator. Put them together and you get a Connected and Automated Vehicle.  There are many different levels of technologies and capabilities that can be wrapped into this term, but whatever comes, we need to be ready for it.

When are CAVs coming to Texas?

If you drive in certain parts of Texas you can already find pilot programs involving connected and autonomous vehicles operating on Texas roadways. However, widespread adoption will likely occur over the next few decades. TxDOT is working to provide a safe operating environment now, and as adoption increases, Texas’ efforts to improve and maintain a safe operating environment will increase.

Where are CAV efforts taking place?

You can see the CAV efforts in Texas on our project map. We will also host meetings and conferences to lay out the future of CAV in Texas. See the calendar page for upcoming events in your area.

Why are we preparing for CAV?

TxDOT and all local governments in Texas care about your safety. TxDOT’s Vision Zero is at the core of all our processes. We also recognize the opportunity for economic growth, and improving the transportation experience for all Texans. Due to the innovation of leading-edge private industries, changes to the transportation system are coming — and we are going to be ready for them!

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