TxDOT Disparity Study
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TxDOT Disparity Study

Purpose of the study

TxDOT strives to promote diversity, inclusion, and equitable opportunities for small, minority, and women-owned businesses on its state and federal contracts. To accomplish this, the Civil Rights Division commissioned a statewide disparity study of its Federal DBE Program to ensure that all businesses have equal access to compete for contracting opportunities and that current programs remain legally defensible and administratively successful. The contract for this study has been conducted by Colette Holt & Associates.

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Frequently asked questions

A disparity study involves compilation of evidence to determine whether TxDOT has a strong basis for implementing race - and gender- conscious contracting remedies on state contracts and narrowly tailoring any race - and gender- conscious remedies. This includes statistical evidence of disparities, if any, between the availability of HUBs, and their utilization on state-funded TxDOT contracts and related subcontracts and throughout the area economy as a whole

The study further examines factors necessary for entrepreneurial success, such as access to business capital, bonding, networks, suppliers, etc. The study also will gather anecdotal evidence of any continuing effects of past or present race and sex discrimination, and the impact of the current DBE and HUB programs. Finally, the study reviews TxDOT’s current programs and activities and make recommendations for future initiatives and enhancements.

The study included statistical evidence of TxDOT's utilization of DBEs, the availability of DBEs as a percentage of all firms in the  market area and relevant industries, and whether there were disparities, if any, between the availability of DBEs and their utilization on non-federally funded agency contracts and related subcontracts, and throughout the area economy as a whole.

As part of its implementation of the Federal DBE Program, TxDOT will use the study results to:

  • Set an overall goal for DBE participation in its FHWA‐funded contracts;
  • Project the portion of its overall DBE goal to be met through race‐ and gender‐neutral means, and if necessary, project the portion to be met through race‐ and gender‐conscious means, such as contract‐specific DBE goals.

TxDOT’s disparity study focused on heavy highway construction contractors and engineering consultants. 

For information on how the study was conducted or data collected, please visit the official Disparity Study page, or contact Colette Holt & Associates.

Email the Civil Rights Division or contact us directly at 512-416-4700.