Notice of default issued to Harbor Bridge developer
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Notice of default issued to Harbor Bridge developer

Lack of responsiveness to safety concerns prompts action

CORPUS CHRISTI – Due to confirmed safety deficiencies and a lack of responsiveness, TxDOT today issued a notice of default to the developer of the New Harbor Bridge Project, Flatiron/Dragados LLC (FDLLC).

The notice of default gives FDLLC 15 days to present a plan to correct the identified deficiencies. If FDLLC fails to adequately address the deficiencies in this timeframe, TxDOT will issue a formal default and replace FDLLC as the contractor on the project.

Despite numerous meetings between TxDOT, FDLLC and an independent review team, TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams said, “Flatiron/Dragados has refused to acknowledge the safety issues that have been identified or taken any steps to correct them. This is unacceptable and places TxDOT in the unfortunate position of having to provide Flatiron/Dragados with a notice of default.”

TxDOT has consistently communicated its concerns to FDLLC about non-conforming design flaws.

“There were assurances by Flatiron/Dragados that these issues had been addressed,” Williams said.

To validate the work, TxDOT hired an independent bridge engineering firm, SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies (IBT), in 2020, to provide a third-party review of the bridge design.

The safety concerns center around design issues, which include the foundations, load and weight capacity, structure, and the future stability of the main stay bridge.

The IBT independent reports confirmed TxDOT’s safety concerns and are available for public viewing here.

TxDOT formally raised these issues with FDLLC on April 29, 2022, through a notice of non-conforming work and then directed FDLLC to pause construction on July 15, 2022, to ensure further construction did not result in unsafe conditions. (Copies of these letters and other correspondence are available for public viewing using the link above).

At a news conference announcing the default notice, Williams termed FDLLC’s lack of responsiveness, specifically to safety concerns, “unfortunate and disappointing.”

Due to the complexity of the project and the seriousness of the issues, a timeline for resuming construction has not been determined. However, the public should know that TxDOT will not compromise or negotiate on safety. TxDOT ensures the project will be completed with the highest quality standards.

In the meantime, motorists can continue to travel on the existing Harbor Bridge, which is safe and on a regular maintenance and inspection schedule.

For more information, contact or (361) 808-2544.

Media contact
Rickey Dailey
August 16, 2022