Significant Conversations Underway with ACS Group, Parent Company of FDLLC Toward a Path Forward on the New Harbor Bridge Project
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Significant Conversations Underway with ACS Group, Parent Company of FDLLC Toward a Path Forward on the New Harbor Bridge Project

CORPUS CHRISTI – TxDOT has recently had productive communications with Flatiron Dragados LLC (FDLLC) and their parent company, ACS Group. Those discussions have taken a new direction and tone since TxDOT issued a notice of default on Aug. 16. In a letter to TxDOT dated Aug. 28, 2022, FDLLC acknowledged full responsibility for a safe design and construction of a safe bridge and committed “ do whatever needs to be done, including any changes to our teams’ culture as necessary, to assure that the FDLLC and the TxDOT teams are able to work collaboratively toward the successful conclusion of this project.” The letter went on to say, “FDLLC will, at its expense, provide designs and install the items of work that resolves the concerns raised by IBT in their reports. FDLLC is ready, willing and able to act upon IBT’s conclusions and do what is necessary to satisfy TxDOT that our revised designs in fact accomplish that result.” (Click on the hyperlink above to review recent correspondence between TxDOT and FDLLC.)

TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams, in an Aug. 31 response letter to FDLLC wrote that, “While these recent efforts are positive, we must quickly work to establish additional specificity to FDLLC’s proposals and arrive at an agreement on the actions to be taken to cure the issues with non-conforming work outlined in our Aug. 16, 2022 Notice of Default.” In coming weeks, TxDOT expects to continue conversations with FDLLC and ACS Group to define a path forward to resolve and cure the safety issues identified and documented by TXDOT, our consultants and our independent reviewers.

The construction of the New Harbor Bridge is a regionally significant project. TxDOT remains committed to ensuring that the completed project is safe by all standards and expectations. The department has also consistently said we want to move this project forward with minimal delay. To that end, also being made available for public review is a letter from Texas Transportation Commission Chairman J. Bruce Bugg providing elected officials written assurance that TxDOT is committed to completing this project safely, expeditiously and without additional direct expense to the locals.

TxDOT thanks the public and all stakeholders for their continued patience as we engage with ACS and FDLLC to resolve the identified safety concerns. TxDOT will remain focused on safety and its responsibility to the taxpayers throughout this evolving process. The department will continue to provide information on significant updates as details are available.

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Rickey Dailey
September 01, 2022