Harbor Bridge Project Update - Aug. 4, 2022
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Harbor Bridge Project Update - Aug. 4, 2022

TxDOT has been engaging directly with the developer of the New Harbor Bridge, Flatiron/Dragados Limited Liability Company (FDLLC), to address safety concerns validated by independent reviewers related to the design of the cable-stayed bridge. We share the public’s desire to see this important project continue to move forward. Our projects are in service to the public, who we see as our partner. TxDOT also has a responsibility to be fair and judicious in our efforts to resolve disputes and concerns with our developer, also our partner, particularly regarding safety issues.

TxDOT absolutely wants to move this project forward with minimal delay, nonetheless, we are committed to ensuring that what we build and what we provide is safe by all standards and expectations. Currently there are concerns on the part of TXDOT, our consultants and our independent reviewers that the final design of the cable-stayed bridge is highly problematic, and if built to completion, would create safety concerns. To prevent this safety concern from occurring in the first place, TxDOT suspended the developer’s construction on that portion of the project.

We have made a copy of our letter to FDLLC about our concerns and the direction to suspend work on the Corpus Christi District page on our txdot.gov website. As outlined in this letter, the concerns center around design issues, which include the foundations, load and weight capacity, structure, and the future stability of the main stay bridge.

We cannot and will not compromise on safety. We can assure the public that we are prepared to take the steps necessary to complete this project in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

We ask for and appreciate the public’s continued patience as we resolve these issues in the best interest of safety and in keeping with our fiduciary responsibilities as stewards of taxpayer dollars. Once complete, the New Harbor Bridge will last for generations and safely carry millions of users. We will continue to provide information on significant updates.