Pavement condition claim resolution process
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Pavement condition claim resolution process

The Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §101.021 does not allow TxDOT to expend state funds for damage to property (e.g. vehicles) that is sustained as a result of highway conditions. If desired, you should contact your insurance company, and report the incident of property damage to them. 

If you believe you have a claim other than damage to property as a result of highway conditions that should be considered for potential payment under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, we must receive your claim in writing. Oral claims are not accepted and there is no formal claim form.

In order to file a claim for damages, please submit the information online by choosing the appropriate "Contact Reason" on this form.

You may also fax your letter to (512) 416-3302, or do the following:

  • Write a letter with information regarding your incident (i.e. location, mile marker, exit number, County, type of damage(s), etc.)
  • Include all of your contact information including your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Mail your letter (please no photos, estimates or any other documents at this time) to:

Texas Department of Transportation
Occupational Safety Division
PO BOX 149148
Austin, TX 78714-9148

TxDOT will respond to your letter within 10-15 business days. Please be aware that if you submit photos, estimates, or any other documents, they are not able to be returned. If any further information is necessary, it will be requested. 

Note: All claims will be processed, however submission of these documents does not imply TxDOT’s acceptance of liability/responsibility. This information is merely for fact finding and verification purposes