Trammel Fresno Road
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Trammel Fresno Road

The Texas Department of Transportation and Fort Bend County, in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is widening the existing two-lane Trammel Fresno Road from Fort Bend Parkway to FM 521 in Fort Bend County.

Planned construction improvements

The widening construction project will create 3.021 miles of a four-lane roadway within the existing right of way, which varies between 90 and 160 feet.

Improvements include a 12-foot continuous left turn lane, continuous 14-foot outside and 11-foot inside lane. The project also includes sidewalks along both sides of the roadway from Hurricane Lane to the South Post Oak Road intersection. Where sidewalks were not originally proposed, pedestrian accommodations will be possible on the 7.5-foot roadway shoulders.

To enhance the pedestrian safety along Trammel Fresno, the project includes crosswalk stripes and signage at all signalized intersections. A new signal with countdown timer will be installed at S. Post Oak Boulevard and join existing signals on the corridor.

Cyclist accommodations will be addressed with the addition of a 14-foot outside travel lane in each direction through the limits of the proposed project.

Two detention ponds will be constructed in areas outside of the right of way to accommodate associated drainage needs of the project. Right of way for these ponds (approximately 3.6 acres) has been identified adjacent to the roadway corridor and will not require the displacement of any individual structures.


Construction is underway and will continue until early 2019.


This study is a partnership between TxDOT, Fort Bend County and the Federal Highway Administration.

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