SH 36 from FM 2218 to FM 1495 - Brazoria County
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SH 36 from FM 2218 to FM 1495 - Brazoria County

The proposed improvements to SH 36 extend from FM 2218 in Pleak in Fort Bend County south to FM 1495 in Freeport, in Brazoria County. This segment is part of a larger SH 36 corridor improvement effort.

Current conditions

SH 36 is currently a two-lane undivided roadway.

Proposed improvements

  • Expand to a four-lane divided roadway in rural sections
  • Add center left turn lane in urban sections
  • Add sidewalks in some sections

The purpose of these improvements is to:

  • Improve safety by adding additional capacity during hurricane evacuations
  • Improve capacity to increase mobility given the projected population growth in the region; specifically north of the project corridor in Fort Bend County and south of the project corridor at the Port of Freeport in Brazoria County
  • Improve intermodal relationships with the Port of Freeport

Several rounds of public meetings were held in 2000 presenting proposed alternatives for SH 36, along with a secondary public meeting in 2001 for citizens in the Jones Creek area. The purpose was to present alternatives for the SH 36/FM 2004 interchange as well as several roadway designs. In 2001, the preferred alignment was presented as well as refined alignment of SH 36 through Jones Creek based on public comments received. A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was determined in April 2008.

This project segment was included along with the Spur 10 project from US 59 in Rosenberg to SH 36 as part of one environmental assessment given the location proximity. This segment was also discussed along with the Spur 10 project through a series of public meetings that are highlighted below.

Estimated right-of-way will vary depending on the area; page 19 of the environmental assessment provides additional information. Displacements will also be required.


This study is a partnership between TxDOT and the Federal Highway Administration.