SH 3 from Richey Street to FM 518
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SH 3 from Richey Street to FM 518

TxDOT Houston District proposes to add bike lanes on the outside shoulders of north bound and south bound SH 3 between Richey Street to FM 518, spanning a length of 14.25 miles. The proposed improvements are located in Houston, South Houston, Webster, and League City in Harris and Galveston counties.

Current conditions

At intersections, the existing highway facility typically includes four 11-foot mainlanes (two in each direction), one 14-foot left turn lane, and 6- to 8-foot outside shoulders. The existing roadway does not acommodate bicycles.

Proposed improvements

The addition of bike lanes will utilize the existing shoulders and will require approximately two to five feet of pavement widening in some areas, mostly on the south bound side of SH 3. The proposed project includes the following improvements:

  • Utilize the existing shoulders and widen approximately two to five feet of pavement in some areas
  • Create a 5-foot bike lane on the outside north and southbound shoulders (with a one- to three-foot buffer in most areas)
  • Construct northbound right-turn lanes at Pineloch Drive and El Dorado Boulevard

Bike lanes with no buffer are proposed in highly constrained areas and at intersections with dedicated turn lanes per Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards.

Additional information

This project requires no new acquisition of right of way (ROW). The estimated cost of the project is $9 million.

Next steps

  • Complete the public hearing
  • Consider and respond to public hearing comments
  • Approve the environmental documentation
  • Finalize the construction plans