SH 288 Medical Center Direct Connector
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SH 288 Medical Center Direct Connector

Moving traffic into and out of the Texas Medical Center area efficiently and safely is one key reason for the proposed SH 288 tolled direct connectors (DC). This project appeared before the Transportation Policy Council (TPC) on June 22, 2012 marking the beginning of a long process to provide relief to the area and manage bigger projects around the SH 288 corridor.

Project goals

  • Address current and future traffic and mobility in and around the Texas Medical Center
  • Develop a project that has the least possible impact to the natural, human and economic environment
  • Establish a viable project with the input and support of the community, local partners, and key stakeholders that can be funded and under construction by late 2014

Key project facts

  • The planning effort for this project began with an alternatives analysis that studied possible locations for the tolled direct connectors along SH 288
  • A public meeting was held on Jan. 24, 2013, to present six (6) alternative alignments
  • A seventh alternative alignment proposed along MacGregor was removed from further consideration due to the proximity to Hermann Park
  • TxDOT is continuing the project development process and will continue to work closely with stakeholders in the community as the project takes shape
  • TxDOT must comply with all federal and state guidelines for project development, which include environmental studies and public involvement

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