FM 646 from I-45 to Bayshore Boulevard
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FM 646 from I-45 to Bayshore Boulevard

The scope of this study is 6.5 miles of Farm-to-Market (FM) 646 from Interstate Highway (IH) 45 to Bayshore Boulevard in Dickinson. The FM 646 project received environmental clearance in May 2011. The approved project included widening FM 646 from two to four lanes, constructing a raised median, sidewalks, and curb-and-gutter drainage from I-45 to Bayshore Boulevard, a total distance of approximately 9 miles. This project is in Galveston County, Texas

Since environmental clearance, the section from I-45 to Edmund Way has been constructed, which is approximately 1.3 miles of the original project. TxDOT is now proposing design changes (adding detention ponds and increasing the right-of-way needed at the railroad crossing) to the unconstructed part of the approved project, from east of Edmund Way to Bayshore Boulevard, approximately 7.7 miles.

Current conditions

FM 646 from I-45 to east of Edmund Way is currently a four-lane divided roadway with a raised median, sidewalks, and curb-gutter drainage. From west of Edmund Way to Bayshore Blvd., FM 646 is a two-lane undivided roadway with no sidewalks and open ditch drainage. There is an existing at-grade crossing at the railroad tracks.

Proposed background

The purpose of the project is to improve the roadway design and increase mobility. A re-evaluation is being conducted to address proposed design changes to the approved design. FM 646 serves as one of the main east-west arterial access routes between I-45 to Bayshore Blvd. It provides a primary connection to I-45 and SH 146, both of which are utilized by commuters to access the surrounding communities of Dickinson, League City, and Bacliff. This corridor also serves as a hurricane evacuation route. Due to the ongoing growth in Galveston County, vehicular traffic on local roadways has increased, leading to increases in congestion and travel times.

TxDOT held two public meetings regarding the proposed widening of FM 646 (from I-45 to Bayshore Boulevard) in November 2005 and September 2006. A public hearing was held in July 2010. The overall project received environmental approval in May 2011. Construction on FM 646 from I- 45 to Edmund Way has been completed. TxDOT is now planning to complete the construction along FM 646 from Edmund Way to Bayshore Boulevard.

Proposed improvements

Original Scope shown at the 2010 Public Hearing:

  • Add one travel lane in each direction
  • Increase the shoulder width from a varying 7-10 feet to a uniform 12 feet
  • Construct a 16-foot raised center median
  • Construct an overpass at the Union Pacific railroad, with the current at-grade crossing remaining to maintain access to adjacent properties
  • Convert the existing open ditch to curb-and-gutter (in some sections)

Due to evolving engineering analysis, the following scope has been added to the project:

  • Purchase additional right-of-way (approximately 1.2 acres) at the railroad crossing to improve the geometry of the overpass
  • Construct three off-site stormwater detention ponds
    • Pond #1 - approximately 4 acres
    • Pond #2 – approximately 5 acres
    • Pond #3 – approximately 2.5 acres

Additional information

These additional proposed improvements would require the acquisition of approximately 12 acres of right-of-way. No residential or commercial displacements are anticipated. The portion of the project from Edmund Way to FM 1266 is funded and construction is anticipated to begin in 2023. The portion of the project from FM 1266 to Bayshore Blvd. is not funded; therefore, this portion of the project does not currently have a construction start date.

Next steps

  • Publish Notice of Opportunity to Comment
  • Consider public input
  • Update and finalize environmental studies
  • Receive approval for supplemental environmental studies
  • Finalize design
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Begin Construction


Public involvement