Business US Highway (BU) 90U (I-610 to East of Mesa Road)
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Business US Highway (BU) 90U (I-610 to East of Mesa Road)

The TxDOT Houston District is proposing to widen Business US Highway (BU) 90U from Interstate Highway 610 (I-610) to the east of Mesa Road, in Houston, Harris County, Texas. The project is approximately 1.2 miles. The project's purpose is to reduce congestion and enhance safety in northeast Houston.

Current conditions

The existing roadway consists of a four-lane undivided rural roadway consisting of two 11-foot travel lanes in each direction with discontinuous open ditches and sidewalks on both sides of the roadway. The existing right-of-way width is generally 100 feet throughout the project limits.

Proposed improvements

  • Widen the two existing travel lanes from 11 feet to 12 feet
  • Add one additional 14-foot travel lane in each direction
  • Add continuous sidewalks in each direction throughout the project limits
  • Add one 16-foot continuous left turn lane

Additional information

The project requires approximately 2.47 acres of right of way for a proposed right-of-way width of 120 feet. The proposed project would displace five commercial businesses in four commercial structures. No residential displacements are proposed.

The estimated construction cost is $20 million. The duration of construction is anticipated to last 18 months and start in mid-2020.

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