US 69/Chinn Lane Roundabout - Jefferson County
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US 69/Chinn Lane Roundabout - Jefferson County

Construction project overview

The approved US 69/Chinn Lane construction project is located at the intersection of US 69 and Chinn Lane in Beaumont, Jefferson County, and includes the construction of a roundabout to replace the existing standard intersection. 

The project will begin in early August and is anticipated to take five months, and will impact school bus and parent traffic. Construction timing is subject to change based on weather and other conditions.

Roundabout design - animation video

A modern roundabout is a one-way, circular intersection where traffic flows counterclockwise around a center island. Modern roundabouts use yield signs rather than traffic lights to control vehicles entering the intersection. 

The following video provides a future look at the US 69/Chinn Lane Roundabout design and traffic operation and is for illustrative purposes only.

US 69/Chinn Lane Roundabout - Jefferson County

US 69/Chinn Lane roundabout design and traffic operation

The roundabout is designed to accommodate semi-trucks with trailers. This means that fire engines, school busses, and trucks with trailers will easily be able to navigate the roundabout.

As you approach the roundabout, you will see a yield sign. If the roundabout is clear, you can enter the roundabout and follow it to the right. When you need to leave the roundabout, signal right and exit. If you miss your turn, stay in the roundabout until you circle back, then signal and exit.

Project goals and benefits of roundabouts

The goals of the project are to increase safety and improve traffic flow. Estimated benefits of roundabouts over traditional intersections include:

Traffic safety

  • Reduces the number and severity of crashes; studies show roundabouts bring a significant reduction in injury crashes, incapacitating injury crashes and fatality crashes:
    • According to the Federal Highway Administration (Proven Safety Countermeasures for Roundabouts, roundabout designs provide an estimated 82 percent reduction in severe crashes versus two-way, stop-controlled intersections - such as the current Chinn Road and US 69 intersections
    • FHWA also estimates that roundabouts provide a nearly 80 percent reduction in severe crashes versus signalized intersections
  • Provides fewer total conflict points between vehicles (i.e. "t-bone" collisions)
  • Eliminates traffic speeding up to beat yellow signals

Operational performance

  • Provides less delay vs. signalized intersections, especially outside rush-hour traffic
  • Slows traffic speed; traffic advances slowly rather than coming to a complete stop
  • Reduces number of lanes needed in between intersections
  • Reduces maintenance required; roundabouts last more than twice as long as traffic lights, which have to be installed, maintained, adjusted, and repaired

Environmental factors

  • Reduces noise and air quality impacts
  • Reduces fuel consumption by reducing the time spent idling
  • Increases fuel savings because vehicles are not idling at traffic
  • Reduces electrical consumption as signals aren't needed

Detour information

Construction on this project will require a 7.5-mile detour. At least one lane on each side of the frontage road will remain open. The widening project is still under construction; both project activities will be coordinated.

Each Chinn Lane intersection will be closed for approximately two weeks, at different times. The underpass is anticipated to be closed for approximately two months after both Chinn Lane intersections are re-opened.

This detour is taking traffic from the west side of US 69 and directing it to the east side and vice versa. It is specifically intended to direct traffic that normally crosses US 69 via Chinn Lane, or turns onto Chinn Lane, back to Chinn Lane using Old Voth Road and Lawrence Drive. Through traffic on the US 69 Frontage Roads will be able to continue through. This detour will occur when needed – with the Chinn Lane intersections being closed at separate times.

Next Steps

  • Proposed Project Construction Start Date: August 2022
  • Estiimated Construction Completion: December 2022

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