Loop 20 - Spur 400 Intersection to KCS Railroad Bridge
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Loop 20 is a major road and designated truck route in the City of Laredo providing north/south connectivity along the eastern side of the city. Spur 400/Clark Blvd. is an important east/west road that passes through central Laredo and connects the Loop to I-35. At typical peak travel times the Loop 20/Spur 400 intersection is highly congested, often requiring motorists to wait in line at the traffic signal over repeated signal light cycles. The congestion at this intersection also creates travel impediments and delays for emergency vehicles.  

The Loop 20 frontage roads currently end at the Kansas City Southern (KCS) railroad tracks so vehicles and pedestrians have to get onto the Loop 20 mainlanes’ bridge to cross the railroad tracks. This is problematic in high volume traffic periods such as rush hour and after athletic events end at the nearby school district sports complex.

Planned Improvements

  • Constructing an overpass to separate Loop 20 mainlane traffic from the Spur 400 intersection traffic
  • Widening the existing bridge over the KCS railroad tracks
  • Adding frontage roads with access to Spur 400, US 59 (Saunders Ave.) and SH 359 interchange toward SH 359, SL 260 (Jaime Zapata Memorial Highway) and Loop 20 southern extension (Cuatro Vientos Rd.)
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accommodations

Project Benefits

It will improve safety along Loop 20 by addressing congestion. The project will not result in any residential or commercial relocations or displacements. The project will be constructed to an “Urban Interstate” design standard in the event that this road should be reclassified as part of the I-69W system in the future.

Construction Process

Construction on the Loop 20 at Spur 400 Intersection to KCS railroad Bridge started on July 13, 2015. As construction continues, travelers will experience traffic changes along the route. For information on traffic changes that started on Aug. 8, 2016, please see the download below.

Access Considerations

TxDOT is committed to working with the public to minimize the environmental impact from construction projects as much as possible.

Get Involved

The public is encouraged to check the Laredo District Twitter account for traffic change updates and to contact the Laredo District Office with questions.



TxDOT Public Information Officer
1817 Bob Bullock Loop
Laredo, TX 78043

(956) 712-7416


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