SH 358 Reconstruction
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In January 2018, TxDOT initiated construction along a 15-mile section of State Highway 358 (South Padre Island Drive) in Corpus Christi, Texas, Nueces County to enhance safety and increase mobility. The four-year project consists of multiple phases and is located on SH 358 from just north of Leopard Street to just east of Flour Bluff Drive.

The project includes the following improvements to address safety and mobility:

  • Reconstructing several eastbound entrances and exit ramps between Ayers Street and Nile Drive, including:
    • “Reversing ramps” between Weber Road and South Staples Street. This involves converting existing entrance ramps into exit ramps and vice-versa, similar in design to the previously “reversed” westbound ramps between Weber Road and Airline Road.
    • Relocating the exit ramps serving Kostoryz Road/Carroll Lane and Weber Road.
    • These ramp reversals and relocations will increase safety and mobility by providing additional distance for exiting vehicles and frontage road traffic to merge and queue while approaching signalized intersections.
  • Widening and constructing new auxiliary, or "merge," lanes on the eastbound mainlanes and frontage road between Ayers Street and Nile Drive to allow drivers entering and exiting the highway to safely merge with other traffic.
  • Improve lighting and reconstruct the existing mainlane median barrier between Ayers Street and Nile Drive to enhance safety.
  • Constructing new sidewalks between Ayers Street and Nile Drive to improve safety and access for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Improving traffic signal timing and connectivity along the eastbound frontage road to increase mobility
  • Improving Intelligent Transportation Systems along the entire corridor to provide drivers and emergency responders with accurate and up-to-the-minute traffic information.

Project Phasing

The project is being constructed in ten phases and is expected to be complete in summer 2022. More information on the activities associated with each phase and the projected timeline can be found on the Project Fact Sheet and the detailed SH 358 Reconstruction Presentation.

These activities are planned through fall 2021*:

Mainlane Shoulder and Median Barrier Reconstruction

  • The contractor is removing the temporary construction center barrier in between the eastbound/westbound mainlanes, reconstructing the eastbound mainlane shoulder, and constructing the permanent center barrier from Weber Road to Airline Road. Construction on the remaining barrier will continue through fall 2021. Drivers should expect frequent overnight freeway closures to allow the contractor to remove the temporary barriers and construct the new cast-in-place barriers.

Eastbound Mainlane Widening and Pavement Work

  • The eastbound mainlane widening has been completed between Ayers and Weber. The contractor will continue with widening the mainlanes between Weber and Staples Street through fall 2021. Drivers should expect daytime/nighttime entrance and exit ramp closures during this part of the widening work.
  • New pavement will be placed on the eastbound mainlanes beginning fall 2021, from Ayers to Airline. Drivers should expect nighttime mainlane, entrance ramp, and exit ramp closures during the pavement work on the mainlanes. Drivers will be detoured to the eastbound frontage road during the work.

Eastbound Overpass Widening

  • Staples Street: Work on widening the Staples bridge/overpass began in January 2021 and completion is expected fall 2021. Drivers should expect intersection nighttime closures and temporary turnaround closures for overpass widenings activities.
    • The SH 358 westbound-to-eastbound frontage road turnaround at Staples will remain temporarily closed for overpass widening work. Drivers may instead make left turns at the intersection which will remain open.
    • The SH 358 eastbound-to-westbound frontage road turnarounds at Staples will have intermittent daytime and nighttime closures as needed for overpass widening work. Drivers may instead make left turns at the intersection which will remain open.

New Eastbound Ramps

  • Everhart Road Entrance Ramp: The new entrance ramp opened in summer 2021, however concrete work continues adjacent to the ramp and is expected to be complete in fall 2021.
  • Airline Road Exit Ramp: Work continues on the new eastbound exit ramp to Airline. The new ramp will be located just west of the existing ramp and is anticipated to open in fall 2021.

Mainlane Signage

  • Mainlane closures are expected to remove existing overhead sign bridge structures, install new overhead sign bridge structures, and place new signage for the new Airline exit ramp. Drivers should anticipate nighttime closures of the eastbound mainlanes, as well as temporary closures to exit and entrance ramps to complete signage work.

Traffic Signal Upgrades

  • Traffic signal work will continue between Leopard Road and Waldron Road through fall 2021. Many intersections will receive new poles and/or signals.
    • o Signal and lighting work will continue weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Intermittent eastbound and westbound frontage road lane closures will be required for the traffic signal work.

* All estimated completion time frames are based on the TxDOT contractor’s latest schedule information and are subject to change.

Traffic Updates

During project construction, drivers on SH 358 in Corpus Christi may experience delays due to temporary closures of the highway mainlanes, eastbound and westbound frontage road lanes, and intersections/turnarounds underneath the mainlanes. Most closures will take place during off-peak hours typically between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., though the times and days may vary. The speed limit within the construction zone from Ayers Street to Nile Drive is reduced to 55 miles per hour on the mainlanes and 40 miles per hour on the eastbound frontage road. Drivers need to watch their speed in the construction area. Drivers should be aware of construction workers along the SH 358 corridor.

Please monitor electronic message signs near the construction site for daily updates, as well as Drive Texas and the Corpus Christi District's Twitter feed. Weekly traffic updates are also available for viewing here. Sign up to receive these updates here.


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