I-20 Corridor Study
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This study is an examination of I-20 as it is now by the TxDOT Abilene District. The I-20 Corridor Study Committee worked with transportation stakeholders to identify and select projects that help enhance the safe and efficient movement of people and goods through the Abilene District.

Purpose and Need

Interstate 20 was designated in 1959 as part of the Interstate Highway System. Within the Abilene District, I-20 connects the cities of Big Spring, Sweetwater and Abilene, as well as several smaller towns. The corridor also connects the Abilene District to other major highways such as US 84, which allows for conectivity to other state and national destinations. This connection eases access to travel between each city and town for safer, more efficient traveling.

As outlined in the study, I-20 provides direct access to the energy sector just west of the Abilene District, and was designed to be re-designated as an evacuation route in an emergency. It is a freight thoroughfare that enables the circulation of goods and services at local, state and national levels.

It is used by the military for basic travel and connections to other roads that are part of the Strategic Highway Network (STRAHNET), which connects military installations to each other and to strategically important places.

In its research, the I-20 Safety Committee worked with these purposes and needs in mind to identify and select projects with a priority of safety.


Public Involvement

TxDOT conducted an extensive public information campaign with this study, which allowed the committee to educate communities about the need and purpose of the study while honing in on improvements that would potentially have the most public support. A series of six meetings was held in the communities of Baird, Clyde, Abilene, Sweetwater, Colorado City and Big Spring, during which local citizens were invited to share comments and concerns in one-on-one conversations with TxDOT engineers. In addition to these meetings, an online survey was available to ensure all feedback was documented for future consideration. The survey garnered nearly 600 responses, which were filtered by county in order to identify each area’s specific needs, which varied significantly across counties. An overview of how the Abilene District will use this study can be viewed by clicking here.


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