Plan While You Can: College and Young Adult Drunk Driving
Texas Department of Transportation
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Spring break is a particularly dangerous and deadly time on Texas roadways.  Each spring break, hundreds of young, promising lives are cut short due to the fateful decision to get behind the wheel and drive drunk. In an effort to stop this deadly trend, the Texas Department of Transportation has launched its College and Young Adult phase of the statewide Plan While You Can campaign.  The campaign aims to save lives and reduce crashes among young people while making the roads safer for everyone.

During Spring Break 2019, there were 444 crashes involving young drivers under the influence of alcohol. Those crashes killed 11 people and seriously injured 37 others. The College and Young Adult Impaired Driving campaign reminds young adults to think twice before they drink alcohol and drive. We encourage spring breakers to plan ahead for a sober ride before the party starts by finding safe alternatives to drinking and driving such as calling a taxi or using a transportation app on their smartphones, using mass transit, asking a sober designated friend or family member for a ride or simply staying where they are.  Visit for a full list of alternatives.

In Texas,  it is illegal for anyone under 21 to consume alcohol. The state's legal limit for intoxication is .08 blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC). Law enforcement officers can arrest drivers having a BAC below .08. with probable cause based on the driver’s behavior. Drivers under the influence of alcohol may face up to $17,000 in fines and fees, jail time and could lose their license.

Drink. Drive. Go To Jail.


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