Notice of Availability - SH 249 Grimes County Finding of No Significant Impact
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This notice advises the public that a final environmental assessment (EA) is available for public review and TxDOT has issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the SH 249 project from FM 1774 to SH 105 in Grimes County, Texas.


The FONSI for the preferred alternative is based on the final EA dated August 2016 and the entire project record. This decision documents the selection of the green alternative, which is described as a tolled, controlled-access two-lane roadway from FM 1774 to SH 105 with a passing lane in alternating directions throughout the project limits. The roadway will consist of two 12-foot lanes (one in each direction), an alternating 12-foot passing lane and 10-foot shoulders on the outside of the travel lane. In addition, two-lane, one-way, non-toll frontage roads will be constructed along approximately five miles of the project (from Urbanosky Lane to west of CR 304). 

While the project and the EA only address the construction of the Super 2 facility and frontage roads described above, the EA also addresses the acquisition of sufficient right of way (ROW) to accommodate the future widening of SH 249 to a four-lane divided facility. The construction of the future four-lane divided roadway would require additional environmental investigations and analyses when the construction is determined necessary. 

Overpasses with ramps for local access will be at FM 1774, Urbanosky Lane to tie in with the frontage roads, west of County Road (CR) 304 to tie in with the frontage roads, CR 306 and SH 105. Design of the overpasses and ramps would accommodate the future widening from a Super 2 to a four-lane divided roadway. Right of way will also accommodate direct connectors from SH 249 to SH 105 for both east and west directions. The overall construction will be phased, with the SH 105 west direct connector built in the initial construction project. The selected green alternative will require approximately 623 acres of new location ROW. Typical ROW width is 450 feet in areas with frontage roads and 400 feet in areas without frontage roads.

To avoid noise impacts that may result from future development adjacent to a highway project, a traffic noise analysis is included in the final EA, which includes predicted noise impact contours for currently undeveloped areas. These impact contours are intended as a general guide to assist local planning officials and developers plan and construct new activities in locations that would not result in traffic noise impacts. On the date of approval/clearance of an EA/FONSI (including the traffic noise analysis) for a highway project, TxDOT is no longer responsible for providing noise abatement for new development.

Copies of the approved final EA, FONSI and public hearing documentation are available for public inspection between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the following location:

TxDOT Bryan District Office
2591 North Earl Rudder Freeway
Bryan, TX 77803


TxDOT Bryan District
Director of Project Development
TxDOT Bryan District Office
2591 North Earl Rudder Freeway
Bryan, TX 77803

(979) 778-2165

Posted Sept. 9, 2016.


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