Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) Guidance Document
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This Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) Guidance Manual provides guidelines for completing the SWP3 Summary Sheets and SWP3 Binder documentation necessary for complying with the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Construction General Permit TXR150000 (CGP) administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The SWP3 provides a strategy to prevent or minimize sediment and other pollutants originating from construction sites from reaching surface waters of the state during those construction activities. Pollutants can enter waters of the state through direct discharges to water bodies or municipal separate storm sewer systems or can be carried in stormwater as it flows over a construction site. The SWP3 outlines erosion control, sediment control and behavioural best management practices to control those pollutants.

You might note that projects with less than one acre of soil disturbing activities do not require authorization under the CGP. However, internal TxDOT Environmental Management System (EMS) policy requires the implementation of environmental controls to meet our internal standards, in addition to meeting other requirements that result from the environmental review process. Therefore, TxDOT requires the development of SWP3s for these projects and guidance is included in this manual.

The SWP3 Summary Sheets must be completed by the TxDOT design engineers or TxDOT’s consultants during the design phase of the project. The SWP3 Summary Sheets outline project details with respect to the proposed construction activities and with the potential to generate pollutants. The SWP3 Summary Sheets also outline selected BMPs to manage stormwater runoff from the construction site. The SWP3 Summary Sheets are to be included as plan sheets in TxDOT’s construction drawings for the project.

The SWP3 Binder is used by TxDOT personnel during construction to store the required SWP3 contents in accordance with the CGP. It includes copies of the complete SWP3 Summary Sheets and required appendices. TxDOT personnel must complete, use and maintain a current SWP3 Binder, including the SWP3 Summary Sheets during construction activities. The SWP3 Binder may exist as a physical paper document or may be electronically filed. No matter what format it’s in, it must contain all the information as outlined in this Manual.

The SWP3 Summary Sheets and Binder are considered “living documents” and must be maintained and updated throughout the life of the project until construction is completed.

Date Description Format
Section 1—Administrative Requirements 06/22 This section covers CGP permit applicability and authorization process related to TxDOT projects.
Section 1—Administrative Requirements Figures 06/21 Figure 1—Determining Which Authorization Process to Follow Based on the Amount of Soil Disturbance
Figure 2—Automatic Authorization Process For Small Construction Activities
Figure 3– Authorization Process For Large Construction Activities

Appendix A—Completing the CSN, NOI, NOC, and NOT 06/21 This appendix provides information for completing the construction site notice (CSN), Notice of Intent (NOI), Notice of Change (NOT), and Notice of Termination (NOT)
Appendix A– Completing the CSN, NOI, NOC, and NOT - Figures 06/21 Figure 4 — Notice of Change For Large Construction Sites: Determination Process

Figure 5 — Small Construction Activity Termination of Coverage

Figure 6 – Large Construction Activity Termination of Coverage for the Contractor

Figure 7 – Large Construction Activity Termination of Coverage Process for the Department

Appendix B—Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Notification 06/21 This appendix provides information for completing the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) notification requirements.



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