Gina E. Gallegos, P.E., is the director of TxDOT's Construction Division.

Gallegos oversees the functions of the Construction Division, which include statewide construction letting, contractor certification, bid analysis, the highway construction specifications committee, the contractor claims process, and highway materials and testing procedures.

Gallegos began her career at TxDOT in 1994 as an engineering assistant with the Bexar Metro Area Office in the San Antonio District. She rotated as a young engineer through various sections such as design, lab and construction. In 2006, Gallegos was appointed Area Engineer for the Bexar Metro Area Office. In 2007, she was appointed Area Engineer for the Bexar County Area Office, which combined the Bexar 410 Area Office and the Bexar Metro Area Office. In 2010, Gallegos became the Director of Construction over a 12-county area in the San Antonio District. In November 2017, she became the director of the Construction Division.

Gallegos is a recipient of the 2016 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award and the 2017 Gibb Gilchrist Award.

Gallegos graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering in 1993 and earned her license as a professional engineer in 2001.

Contact Gallegos by phone at (512) 416-2559 or by email.