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The Highway Bridge Program (HBP) is a federal-aid program that provides funding to enable states to improve the condition of highway bridges through replacement, rehabilitation and systematic preventive maintenance. The Bridge Division is responsible for administering this program. For a detailed discussion, see the Project Development Manual.

Participation-Waived/Equivalent-Match Project Program

The Participation-Waived/Equivalent-Match Project Program (PWP/EMP) allows a local government to waive its 10 percent cost participation requirement in a federal HBP off-system bridge project if it agrees to use an equivalent dollar amount to improve other deficient structures in its jurisdiction.


Eligible structures for address under equivalent-match projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) bridge classification for deficient
  • Include main-lane cross-drainage structures and low-water crossings that do not meet the FHWA bridge definition but are deficient
  • The equivalent-match bridge or main-lane cross-drainage structure must be classified as deficient or be weight-restricted for school buses

Program Participation

This program has expanded the number of local governments participating in TxDOT's off-system bridge program and has provided many other local governments with the incentive to increase their participation.

Increased Safety and Efficiency

Many structures that had deficiencies but were not programmed in TxDOT's off-system bridge program have been scheduled for improvements that will increase safety and efficiency.

Overall, the program is accelerating the rate at which structurally deficient and functionally obsolete off-system bridges are improved throughout the state.