The Fiscal Year Procurement Plan incorporates the anticipated disciplines and dollar amounts to be procured in pre-planned waves over the fiscal year. Waves are timed events when postings become published. There are typically four wave events per year, one per quarter. The approximate timing of the events is illustrated in the figure below. Postings occur in November, February, May and August.

Wave Schedule

Plan Distribution

The first draft of the procurement plan is developed in the spring of the calendar year using historical data and professional services needs identified by each district and division. The Professional Engineering Procurement Services (PEPS) Division works with the districts and divisions to refine the needs requests and to develop the procurement plan into the procurement waves for the coming fiscal year. The Fiscal Year Projected Contracts List is posted in August and is updated throughout the year.

Disciplines Percent of Total
Architecture <1%
Bridge Inspection
Bridge On/Off Replacement
Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI)
Engineering 1%
Engineering Other
GEC/ PMC 11%
Geotechnical <1%
Hydraulic <1%
Materials Engineering 1%
Planning 1%
Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) 24%
Survey 3%
Traffic Engineering
Utility Engineering 1%
Value Engineering <1%
Geotechnical (Complex) 2%
Bridge Design 3%
Roadway Design 3%
Signing, Pavement Markings, and Signalization 2%
Traffic Control (Complex) 2%
Drainage 1%
Schematic / Environmental / PS&E 1%
Engineering - other <1%