DRIVE Mentor-Mentee Program
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TxDOT is committed to increasing the participation of emerging DBE firms in the procurement of professional services contracts through the implementation of the Diverse Relationships for Informative Value Exchange - DRIVE program. This program is a part of division director, Martin Rodin’s diverse business participation goal. It is designed to encourage and support DBE firms through voluntary partnerships with mentoring firms. The mentor-mentee pairings work together to evaluate the mentee’s business needs, identify mutually beneficial goals, and to create a progress plan based on them. The goal is to build the mentee’s capacity to compete on professional services contract opportunities whether it is with TxDOT, other DOT’s or local governments.


DRIVE is a business-to-business connection that allows firms to share their experiences, expertise and resources. Participating firms help create a stronger networking environment and cultivate relationships between larger and smaller firms. This collaboration allows them both to learn, evolve, and compete in the marketplace for professional services contracts. 

Program Objectives

  • Increase DBE participation in contracting opportunities
  • Provide business development opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for new and emerging DBE firms to increase their business management, organization and professional skills 
  • Provide guidance to expand industry and technical knowledge through best practices
  • Grow mentor-mentee relationships 
  • Build relationships with stakeholders and trade organizations, regional and state
  • Provide opportunities to network with other consultants
  • Equip consultants to develop their services to become sub providers and/or prime consultants

What does the process look like?

Mentor Mentee
Notify DRIVE Program of your firm’s willingness to mentor Ensure DBE certification is up-to-date and identify all active pre-certifications
After pairing, meet with assigned mentee to determine program criteria Notify DRIVE program of your firm’s interest
Complete and submit a draft Mentor-Mentee agreement outlining agreed upon program criteria After pairing, meet with assigned mentor to determine your draft program criteria
Schedule mentoring sessions with the mentee Attend the scheduled mentoring sessions
Both - Mentor and Mentee
  • Mentor and Mentee will meet with the DRIVE program staff
  • A draft Mentor-Mentee agreement is forwarded to program director
  • The agreement will be reviewed to provide concurrence/comment, and returned for participant signatures
  • Submit periodic progress reports and participate in quarterly group events to include all program participants

Where can I get more information?

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2022 program cycle. The deadline is April 29, 2022, so please submit your application without delay.

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