SH 105 - I-45 to North Frazier Street -SH 75

The scope of this enhancement study is a .615-mile section SH 105 from I-45 to N. Frazier Street (SH 75) in Montgomery County.

Current Conditions

The current roadway through the commercial portion of the project includes two eastbound and two westbound lanes with a paved continuous left turn lane.

Proposed Improvements

The City of Conroe, in cooperation with TxDOT, proposes to enhance SH 105 by improving pedestrian and vehicular safety as well as creating an inviting landscaped entry to downtown Conroe.

The proposed project includes:

  • Constructing raised landscaped medians
  • Adding irrigation
  • Building pedestrian ramps, sidewalks and street lighting
  • Improving traffic signals
  • Moving overhead utilities underground

These enhancements follow the existing location. No additional right of way or displacements will be required.


This study is a partnership between The City of Conroe, TxDOT and the Federal Highway Administration.

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