Facts & highlights
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Facts & highlights

Addressing flooding

With recent serious flooding events, especially 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, drainage improvements are urgent priorities to Houstonians. This document outlines how the I-45 NHHIP plans to mitigate chronic flooding along this roadway.

Addressing flooding concerns

Abordar las inundaciones

Air quality is improving

The impacts on air quality have been carefully studied by TxDOT in the planning of this project. This document details how the I-45 NHHIP would actually improve air quality in the project area.

Improving air quality

La calidad del aire esta mejorando


Changed for the better

The I-45 NHHIP project will improve street connectivity and minimize impacts to property in several areas. 

Improving street connectivity & minimizing property impacts

Mejorar la conectividad de las calles y minimizar los impactos en la propiedad

Design specific requests and responses

Through more than 300 meetings with the public, TxDOT listened carefully to many ideas and requests. This paper outlines how the three project segments respond to many of those ideas and requests.

Design responses to community requests & ideas

Solicitudes especificas de diseno de respuestas por segmento

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, TxDOT has answers. Read TxDOT’s responses to your I-45 NHHIP questions.

Frequently asked questions

Preguntas frecuentes


How safety and congestion will be improved

Two of the main goals of this project are to build a safer road and to reduce congestion. 

Safety & congestion improvements

Como se mejoraran la seguridad y la congestion


Lower the highways

This document explains why TxDOT wants to lower portions of the highway in areas in and around Downtown Houston. 

The need to lower highways

Bajar los autopistas

Minimizing community impact

TxDOT is aware of the potential impact a large project like I-45 can have. Learn how a commitment to more affordable housing and enhanced relocation is helping.

Minimizing community impact

Minimizar el impacto comunitario

Pedestrian & bicyclist accommodations

Many in the Houston area want the I-45 NHHIP to include features that make it easier to walk and bike around the project area. Learn what’s proposed to make that happen.

Pedestrian & bicyclist accomodations

Arreglos para peatones y ciclistas


Visual & aesthetic treatments

An improved highway needs to have some visual appeal too. Read here to see how the I-45 NHHIP would accomplish that.

Visual & aesthetic treatments

Tratamientos visuales y esteticos


What if NHHIP impacts my property?

This highway improvement project would impact a number of properties. TxDOT has a process to help property owners and renters navigate through this change.

What If NHHIP Impacts my property?

¿Que pasa si NHHIP afecta mi propidad?


What is an FEIS?

Many people asked this question, and this paper provides details on this very important part of the I-45 environmental review process.

What is an FEIS?

¿Que es un FEIS?

TxDOT announces record of decision

When the I-45 NHHIP received its Record of Decision (ROD) in February 2021, it signified environmental clearance to proceed with the project. This document details what was approved, and how TxDOT is committed to continued public engagement.

Record of Decision

Registro de Decisión

Final EIS public comment & response highlights

TxDOT received more than 400 comments on the I-45 NHHIP Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS). Find public questions and TxDOT responses. 

Final EIS public comment & response highlights

Destacados de comentarios y respuesta pública a la EIS final

Public comment heat map

TxDOT received more than 400 comments on the I-45 NHHIP Final Environmental Impact Statement. View the most mentioned comment categories

View Final EIS Comments