NHHIP Low-Income Construction Noise & Dust Mitigation Program
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NHHIP Low-Income Construction Noise & Dust Mitigation Program

What is the NHHIP Low-Income Construction Noise & Dust Mitigation Program?

The Program provides funding to households in project areas to reduce the impacts from construction. Funding will allow for homeowners to purchase items that will create a stronger barrier of the home and it allows for additional air filtration products to increase air quality.

Am I eligible?

There are 6 key aspects for program eligibility:

  1. Verify ownership/tenancy
  2. The home must be your primary residence
  3. Provide a valid form of identification
  4. Verify you are not delinquent on child support
  5. Limited to low income households
  6. Home must be in a single-family home in a pre-identified location

How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted in person, mail, email, or online.

What documents do I need to provide?

Below identifies the required documents for application submittal:

  • Trust or Warranty Deed OR Rental Agreement
  • Homestead Exemption from Harris CAD OR recurring bill (ex: utility bill)
  • Valid License, ID, or Passport
  • Income Documentation

What does the program provide?

The program will assess the cost of eligible repairs and/or upgrades that can be made to homes to minimize the impacts of construction. We will provide repair recommendation to applicants with an estimated cost for completion.

What do I have to do once repairs are made?

After funds are provided to the homeowner, photos of the repairs and/or paid invoices should be sent to the program.