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The following documents are provided to inform and guide you through the NHHIP project development process:

To mitigate for potential short-term construction noise impacts, TxDOT will provide funding for weatherization and energy efficiency for qualifying low-income single-family residences.

  • The program will include a weatherization assessment and the opportunity for energy efficiency improvements (e.g., caulking, insulation, storm windows and storm doors).
  • This website will be updated to provide eligibility criteria and details of the weatherization and energy efficiency programs for low-income single family residences that are adjacent to NHHIP construction areas.

City of Houston facilitation group

TxDOT has participated in the City of Houston’s Facilitation Team over the past year. Additional information can be viewed at the links below, including the City’s Facilitation Team website where you can see more details on their efforts. 

City of Houston website: