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Consultants selected for negotiations

Oportunidades de negocio

In accordance with Texas Administrative Code Title 43, Part 1, Chapter 9, Subchapter C, Rule §9.34, (j) (3) (C), the shortlist and the selected providers have been made available.

Note: To view acronyms and the full discipline names under Work Type, refer to the reference sheet.

Consultants selected for negotiations archive 2017-2019.

2024 Consultants

Project ID Closing to date
Wave Type of work
Service center
601CT0000005718 09/26/23 FY2024-1 CEI Austin Service Center
601CT0000005716 10/05/23 FY2024-1 CEI Houston Service Center
601CT0000005713 10/03/23 FY2024-1 UE Dallas Service Center
601CT0000005708 10/12/23 FY2024-1 ENGR Service Center for Divisions
601CT0000005707 09/26/23 FY2024-1 CEI Austin Service Center
601CT0000005704 10/03/23 FY2024-1 SRV Houston Service Center