Freight and Delivery Subcommittee
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Freight and Delivery Subcommittee


Identify the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities for freight movement that CAV solutions can address.


The graphic below represents a broad range of topics applicable to the Freight and Delivery Subcommittee. These topics were determined during the initial activities and discussions by each Task Force subcommittee. Some topics may be shared with other subcommittees. Each year, subcommittees pick a particular emphasis area(s) to help advance the connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) environment within the state of Texas and help develop a product on that topic. This graphic may be updated over time as the nature of the CAV environment changes.

Summary of activities

2021 potential topics of focus

  • Encourage Pilots and Trials
  • Freight Launch Pads
  • Inspections

2020 opportunities identified

  • Roadway maintenance along CAV corridors
  • Cooperative research program targeted at gaps
  • Expand Texas connected freight network
  • Invest in workforce development programs
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