What is the Texas CAV Task Force?
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What is the Texas CAV Task Force?

On January 22, 2019, with the support of Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Department of Transportation announced it was creating a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Task Force to become a central point for CAV advancement in Texas. “With our world-class universities, top-notch workforce and startup culture, Texas is a national leader in the development of new technologies,” said Governor Abbott. “As transportation technology advances, the CAV Task Force will ensure that the Lone Star State remains at the forefront of innovation.”

This website has been developed with the goal of receiving and sharing information from a wide variety of participants in the field of Connected and Automated Transportation. We encourage your review of the materials and welcome your contributions and ideas for continuing to develop an information repository that supports the wide breadth of activities in the state of Texas.


This website is structured around four main sections, plus a detailed home page. First, the home page contains a frequently updated News section, a comprehensive FAQ list, and a Glossary section for a rich resource of topical information and terminology. The CAV Task Force section contains information about the mission and scope as well as detail on all subcommittee activities. All Task Force products are housed in this area as well and are cross-referenced in the site Document Library. The CAV In Texas section is geared toward the general public and provides an overview of items such as laws, challenges, and activities that are taking place. The Industry section is a repository for private-sector information and exchanges to help support the continued deployment and operations of CAV activities in Texas. The Research section is the repository for sharing information about the latest developments and testing of new technologies to support CAV activities.