State Let Construction Contracts December, 2021

Last Update: Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Bid Tabulations Dashboard

Use this interactive Tableau dashboard to display bidding information on projects let through statewide and local district letting for the past 24 months.

The Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD), the Electronic Bidding System, and the project proposal are the official sources of advertisement and bidding information for the State and Local Lettings. Bidders should bid the project using the information found therein, including any addenda. These sources take precedence over information from other sources, including TxDOT webpages, which are unofficial and intended for informational purposes only.

Proposal Information

• Click the PDF icon for an informational proposal. The informational proposal cannot be used to bid.

Contractors prequalified under the BIDDER's QUESTIONAIRE are eligible to bid ONLY on waived(W) contracts.
*F = Federal, W = Waived, M = Materials
Anderson0108-06-055SH 19FPDF Icon12,612
Atascosa0348-07-018FM 99PDF Icon15,639
Bastrop0265-10-032SL 150FPDF Icon1,094
Baylor0133-04-042US 82FPDF Icon17,221
Bexar0849-01-055FM 471FPDF Icon36,712
Brazos0049-09-087BS 6-RPDF Icon3,673
Callahan0974-02-017FM 604FPDF Icon10,924
Cameron0921-06-252CSFPDF Icon9,089
Colorado0535-08-089IH 10FPDF Icon4,432
Coryell0724-01-056FM 116FPDF Icon12,374
Dallas2374-04-085IH 20FPDF Icon72,406
De Witt0143-08-099US 87FPDF Icon1,785
Eastland0923-09-066CRFPDF Icon1,291
Erath0079-05-061US 67FPDF Icon11,907
Fayette0026-02-037US 90FPDF Icon3,014
Fort Bend0543-02-076FM 359FPDF Icon1,459
Garza0905-15-012CRFPDF Icon956
Goliad3075-01-011SH 239FPDF Icon14,952
Grayson0729-02-034FM 121FPDF Icon145
Grayson0047-03-096SH 5FPDF Icon890
Hall1040-02-022FM 1041FPDF Icon1,142
Hardeman0098-11-005PR 62PDF Icon569
Harris0110-05-126IH 45PDF Icon5,867
Harris3256-03-094SL 8PDF Icon25,182
Harris0912-00-587VAFPDF Icon2,639
Hunt0009-06-052SH 66FPDF Icon11,559
Jeff Davis0415-03-022SH 166FPDF Icon8,431
Karnes1121-01-022FM 792FPDF Icon1,491
Kaufman1975-01-010FM 2515FPDF Icon3,075
Kaufman0173-05-041SH 34FPDF Icon2,144
Lavaca0913-29-052CRFPDF Icon928
Liberty1096-02-051FM 770FPDF Icon5,140
Lubbock2740-02-016FM 2641FPDF Icon6,183
Mason0071-03-042US 87FPDF Icon3,826
McLennan0209-01-073SL 2PDF Icon2,044
Midland0463-03-052SH 140FPDF Icon7,591
Navarro0092-06-108IH 45FPDF Icon4,199
Nolan0264-01-045SH 70FPDF Icon5,482
Nueces0916-00-241VAWFPDF Icon94
Oldham0226-02-038US 385FPDF Icon9,361
Parker0314-07-076IH 20FPDF Icon8,308
Parker0314-07-075IH 20FPDF Icon8,904
Potter0275-01-221IH 40FPDF Icon11,234
San Augustine0809-04-057US 96FPDF Icon4,257
Starr0038-06-045US 83FPDF Icon29,012
Taylor0908-00-109VAFPDF Icon2,150
Tom Green0070-02-097US 87FPDF Icon14,654
Travis1149-01-030FM 812FPDF Icon1,100
Travis0113-13-166SL 360FPDF Icon60,019