State Let Construction Contracts July, 2021

Last Update: Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Bid Tabulations Dashboard

Use this interactive Tableau dashboard to display bidding information on projects let through statewide and local district letting for the past 24 months.

The Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD), the Electronic Bidding System, and the project proposal are the official sources of advertisement and bidding information for the State and Local Lettings. Bidders should bid the project using the information found therein, including any addenda. These sources take precedence over information from other sources, including TxDOT webpages, which are unofficial and intended for informational purposes only.

Proposal Information

• Click the PDF icon for an informational proposal. The informational proposal cannot be used to bid.

Contractors prequalified under the BIDDER's QUESTIONAIRE are eligible to bid ONLY on waived(W) contracts.
*F = Federal, W = Waived, M = Materials
Angelina0911-00-109VAFPDF Icon4,953
Austin0408-05-028FM 331FPDF Icon3,839
Bandera1730-01-043FM 1283FPDF Icon3,130
Bastrop0530-01-007PR 1APDF Icon1,022
Bexar7774-01-004PA 1502FPDF Icon22,970
Bexar0915-00-234VAPDF Icon1,562
Brazoria0192-02-059SH 6FPDF Icon6,009
Brown0128-01-116US 377FPDF Icon969
Burleson0955-01-027FM 166FPDF Icon1,368
Burleson0648-03-049FM 60FPDF Icon45,431
Caldwell0152-03-062US 183FPDF Icon760
Carson0455-02-027SH 152FPDF Icon9,067
Collin1012-02-042FM 545FPDF Icon8,824
Cooke0044-09-067FM 1199FPDF Icon4,757
Cooke0822-01-021FM 371FPDF Icon7,915
Crockett0140-13-021IH 10FPDF Icon9,322
Dallas0918-47-096FDPDF Icon4,406
Dallas2374-02-156IH 635FPDF Icon12,191
Dallas0581-02-151SL 12PDF Icon5,522
Dallas2964-10-008SL 9FPDF Icon91,653
Deaf Smith0168-07-049US 60FPDF Icon5,552
Delta0399-03-038FM 64PDF Icon4,310
Denton0195-03-100IH 35FPDF Icon1,635
Dimmit2660-01-011FM 2688PDF Icon11,357
Eastland0127-02-148US 183FPDF Icon1,484
Ector1870-01-035FM 2020FPDF Icon7,493
Ector0906-00-189VAPDF Icon3,768
El Paso1046-01-032FM 659FPDF Icon15,477
El Paso2121-04-121IH 10PDF Icon1,071
El Paso0001-01-063SH 20FPDF Icon3,787
El Paso2552-04-046SL 375PDF Icon5,239
El Paso0924-06-635VAPDF Icon744
Fayette0913-28-075CRFPDF Icon753
Fayette0026-02-037US 90FPDF Icon3,013
Galveston0912-73-212CSFPDF Icon430
Guadalupe0215-09-035FM 725FPDF Icon12,891
Hardin1194-02-019FM 943FPDF Icon1,994
Harris0271-17-178IH 610PDF Icon2,025
Harris0912-00-641VAFPDF Icon619
Hays0016-02-167IH 35FPDF Icon9,241
Hays0113-07-075US 290PDF Icon1,294
Hill0834-02-031FM 308FPDF Icon3,558
Hill1190-02-018FM 933FPDF Icon5,397
Hopkins0901-28-094CRFPDF Icon210
Houston0911-28-051CRFPDF Icon1,087
Howard1155-03-011FM 1785FPDF Icon11,268
Hudspeth0374-07-028US 62FPDF Icon3,055
Jackson0913-18-036CRFPDF Icon1,268
Jasper0877-01-043RE 255FPDF Icon2,209
Karnes0691-01-040FM 81FPDF Icon7,904
Kaufman0751-03-041FM 148FPDF Icon3,176
Kendall0142-09-044RM 473FPDF Icon3,953
Lamar0901-29-094CSFPDF Icon454
Lamar0901-29-096VAFPDF Icon2,934
Lee0473-02-041SH 21FPDF Icon1,205
Liberty1061-01-033FM 1010FPDF Icon212
Live Oak1207-05-008FM 3162FPDF Icon2,813
Lubbock0052-07-072US 84FPDF Icon565
McLennan0567-04-022FM 185FPDF Icon3,605
McLennan0209-01-068SL 2PDF Icon2,044
Montague0044-04-047US 82FPDF Icon63,900
Montgomery0338-03-089SH 105FPDF Icon12,641
Moore0066-04-079US 287FPDF Icon4,082
Newton0499-02-031SH 12FPDF Icon1,587
Nueces0916-00-234VAPDF Icon2,044
Orange0305-07-071SH 87FPDF Icon2,523
Parker0008-02-073US 180FPDF Icon1,963
Polk0911-04-087CRFPDF Icon1,639
Red River0221-03-070US 271FPDF Icon5,029
Reeves0139-06-021US 285PDF Icon65,370
San Patricio1208-01-028SH 188FPDF Icon155
Scurry0053-07-040US 84FPDF Icon2,896
Sterling0069-03-060US 87FPDF Icon3,747
Tarrant0902-90-108VAPDF Icon3,574
Tarrant0902-00-277VAPDF Icon4,097
Tarrant0902-90-184VAFPDF Icon1,306
Tarrant0902-00-278VAFPDF Icon276
Titus0919-30-062CRFPDF Icon654
Travis1378-01-047RM 1431FPDF Icon1,326
Uvalde0023-05-086US 90FPDF Icon1,051
Victoria0089-19-014BU 59-TFPDF Icon3,489
Walker0110-01-049SH 75FPDF Icon908
Waller0912-56-056CRFPDF Icon555
Webb0922-33-204VAFPDF Icon881
Wichita0156-02-033SH 240FPDF Icon1,864
Wilbarger0043-07-119US 287FPDF Icon3,921
Williamson2103-01-039RM 2243FPDF Icon435
Wilson0915-14-046CRFPDF Icon582
Wilson0915-14-047CRFPDF Icon662
Wilson0143-04-071US 87FPDF Icon424
Zapata0038-04-069US 83FPDF Icon674