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The project improvements are proposed to increase safety, reduce congestion, and improve operational efficiency.

Yes. Approximately 2.5 acres of additional right-of-way have been acquired, which includes ten partial acquisition impacts and one commercial displacement (a Chick-fil-A).

Yes. There would be one commercial displacement, a Chick-fil-A. All property owners from whom property is needed are entitled to receive just compensation for their land and property. Just compensation is based upon the fair market value of the property. TxDOT also provides, through its Relocation Assistance Program, payment and services to aid in movement to a new location. This assistance applies to tenants as well as owners occupying the real property needed for the project. Please contact TxDOT’s Right-of-Way Department for assistance or questions.

TxDOT does plan on using a seven-phased construction approach. Construction activities began on September 16, 2017, and they are scheduled to be complete in the year 2024.

It is anticipated that the proposed project would cause temporary lane closures within the immediate construction areas. Temporary detours will be required for this project as a means of traffic control. All business and residential access within the project limits would remain open during construction.    

Typically, access will be maintained to all properties that currently have access, but there may be temporary closures.

Early completion incentives are built into the contract for certain critical construction phases to encourage the contractor to complete work ahead of schedule. The contract also has disincentives to monetarily penalize the contractor for not completing work as schedule    d.

Roadway construction is temporary; TxDOT will work with the contractor to limit nighttime construction.

There are three noise walls included in the project. One along the southbound frontage road of IH 69 west of McCue Street, in the northwest corner of the interchange, and two along the southbound IH 610 frontage road south of IH 69.

Impacts to the local air quality that could result from operations and construction of the project were considered during the planning stages of the project. The proposed improvements meet all federal air quality requirements as established by the Federal Highway Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.    

No. Project design does not result in an increase to the base flood elevation to a level that would violate floodplain regulations and ordinances. The hydraulic design and detention facilities for the project are in accordance with current TxDOT and Federal Highway Administration policies and standards.

Yes. There is a detention site located between the IH 69 mainlanes and Westpark Drive west of IH 610.

Drainage along the east side of IH 610 includes new trunk lines between the mainlanes and the frontage road.

Some direct connectors have to be built before other phases of the project can be linked to them.

Lane closure and detour information