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Don't mess with Texas

Campañas y divulgación

Thirty-six years after the Texas Department of Transportation launched its "Don't mess with Texas®" litter prevention campaign the spirited call-to-action is still going strong.

Don't mess with Texas

Small Trash, Big Mess

In Texas each year, approximately 362 million pieces of visible litter still pile up along state-maintained highways. Seventy percent of this litter is small trash like napkins, cigarette butts and fast food wrappers. In 2021, litter cleanup efforts cost more than $50 million. Violators can face fines starting at $500. If what you toss weighs more than five pounds, you can pay up to a $2,000 fine.

The Stars of Texas

In 1986, legendary Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan helped launch TxDOT's inaugural "Don't mess with Texas" campaign. Since then, Texas celebrities like George Strait, Willie Nelson Erykah Badu, and Matthew McConaughey have lent their voices and support. The newest generation of "Don't mess with Texas" celebrities includes Randy Rogers Band, Grupo Fantasma, and Las Fenix. Our newest PSA features Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.



  • Joe Jonas PSA (:15/:30/:60)
  • Black Pumas PSA (:15/:30)
  • Matthew McConaughey PSA (YouTube)
  • George Strait PSA (English, Español)
  • Song Search winner: Whitney K. Lane (:30)
  • Song Search winner: Papi Chulo (:30)
  • Randy Rogers PSA (:30)
  • Las Fenix PSA (:30)
  • Texas Legends: Earl Campbell PSA (:15/:30)
  • Don't mess with Texas and Adopt a Beach (:30)
  • Jeff Austin III Don't mess with Texas (:15)
  • Adopt a Beach (English, Español)
  • Lukas Nelson PSA (:30)
  • B-roll (beauty shots, litter, cleanup)
  • Campaign ad archive


  • Joe Jonas (:15)
  • Joe Jonas (:30)
  • Black Pumas (:15)
  • Black Pumas (:30)

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