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Questions about general project details

I-635 East originally opened in 1969 and was designed to accommodate 180,000 cars per day. By 2020, 635 East has reached about 230,000 vehicles, which will continue to increase. This increase in traffic has led to the roadway’s top 30 ranking on Texas’ most congested roadways list. The Texas Transportation Commission has designated the 635 East Project as part of the statewide Texas Clear Lanes initiative, organized to address the most congested areas in the state.

The 635 East Project is designed to relieve congestion, provide local connectivity and improve safety.

TxDOT owns and manages the project. Pegasus Link Constructors is the design-build contractor.

Construction began in the spring of 2020. Construction will last through 2025.

The project will cost $1.7 billion to build. The project is partially funded through TxDOT’s Texas Clear Lanes initiative, which prioritizes voter-approved funding based on needed congestion relief projects in Texas’ metropolitan areas. For more information, visit Texas Clear Lanes.

Drivers can expect the following improvements:

  • One additional lane in each direction along I-635 between US 75 and I-30
  • Continuous frontage roads consisting of two to three lanes in each direction along I-635 between US 75 and I-30
  • Reconstruction of the I-635/I-30 interchange
  • New aesthetic bridge at the Skillman Street/Audelia Road intersection

Questions about construction and lane closures

Construction will be performed along the entire corridor simultaneously. The construction sequence that PLC will use for the 635 East Project will be an “outside-in” approach. This prioritizes the new frontage roads (on the outside) prior to the reconstruction of the mainlanes.

Construction will be performed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, construction requiring  mainlane closures will be performed during the overnight hours and on weekends when traffic is lighter.

Construction will be performed in all hours of the day. However, major lane closures will be performed during the overnight hours when traffic is light.

During the construction phase, the TEXpress lanes will be closed but all four general purpose lanes will be maintained during peak travel periods.

Hundreds of people are expected to be working on or along the 635 East Project, especially at the peak of construction. Additionally, a project of this size will also require third-party coordination from many different entities including: Dallas County, cities of Dallas, Garland and Mesquite, utility companies, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and KSC Railway Co., area businesses, area residents, community organizations.

The soundwalls were completed in early 2020, prior to the start of major construction activities.

Get to a safe place and call 9-1-1.

Questions about the project's TEXpress lanes

The one lane of HOV Express (TEXpress) lane in each direction between US 75 and I-30 was officially closed in April 2020 and will remain closed during construction. When the project is complete, one managed toll lane in each direction will reopen. The existing delineators will be removed and replaced with a concrete barrier, separating the newly reconstructed TEXpress Lane from the mainlanes.

Questions about staying connected and informed

Each person will have a different preference for obtaining information. Therefore, we offer various alternatives for distributing information about the project. Read about the kind of communications tools that we offer below.

Hotline – Voicemail-operated hotline system to contact the project team by phone.

Storefront – A physical location at the 635 East Project office where visitors can collect information resources, sign up for alerts and if interested, meet project staff who are available.

Presentations – Invite a project team member to visit your group or organization.

Lane closures page - Review upcoming scheduled lane closures and traffic changes along the project.

Subscribe to traffic alerts – Text the words “635 East” to 1-833-HWY-635E to begin receiving text alerts about the project. Or, email info@635east.com and share the email address you would like included.

Please contact jobs@plclbj.com or call 469-687-8040.

If you are a subcontractor and are interested in bid opportunities, please contact our DBE Contracts team.