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The Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD), the Electronic Bidding System, and the project proposal are the official sources of advertisement and bidding information for the State and Local Lettings. Bidders should bid the project using the information found therein, including any addenda. These sources take precedence over information from other sources, including TxDOT webpages, which are unofficial and intended for informational purposes only.

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Official Bid Item Index (Total Projects: 58)
Control Project Highway County
0041-01-048STP 2021(647)HESUS 87Hartley
0067-06-060F 2021(431)IH 27Hale
0109-03-036STP 2021(583)HESUS 287Houston
0160-01-036F 2021(598)US 277Sutton
0353-09-002C 353-9-2SH 114Denton
0905-00-100C 905-00-100VALubbock
0912-72-610F 2021(575)VAHarris
0918-47-247STP 2021(611)HESCSDallas
0920-00-145F 2021(642)VAJefferson
1861-02-024BR 2021(648)RM 1321Gray
6350-10-001MMC - 635010001US0377Brown
6359-62-001MMC - 635962001US0175Henderson
6360-92-001MMC - 636092001US0080Gregg
6360-93-001MMC - 636093001US0080Wood
6360-94-001MMC - 636094001US0069Smith
6363-78-001RMC - 636378001IH0035WDenton
6368-97-001RMC - 636897001US0290Travis
6368-99-001RMC - 636899001US0183Travis
6374-16-001BPM - 637416001SL1604Bexar
6376-96-001RMC - 637696001SH0031Navarro
6377-01-001RMC - 637701001SH0031Navarro
6377-22-001MMC - 637722001US0277Dimmit
6377-35-001RMC - 637735001US0377Brown
6378-32-001RMC - 637832001US0059Fort Bend
6378-72-001RMC - 637872001US0059Fort Bend
6378-94-001RMC - 637894001US0290Waller
6379-67-001RMC - 637967001IH0010Gonzales
6379-73-001MMC - 637973001US0084Lamb
6379-74-001MMC - 637974001US0062Terry
6379-75-001MMC - 637975001IH0027Hale
6379-76-001MMC - 637976001IH0027Lubbock
6379-80-001MMC - 637980001SH0031Smith
6379-81-001MMC - 637981001SH0031Smith
6379-82-001MMC - 637982001SH0031Smith
6380-12-001RMC - 638012001IH0010Pecos
6380-13-001RMC - 638013001IH0020Ector
6380-14-001RMC - 638014001IH0020Midland
6380-38-001MMC - 638038001US0062Terry
6380-39-001MMC - 638039001US0084Lamb
6380-40-001MMC - 638040001IH0027Lubbock
6380-41-001MMC - 638041001IH0027Hale
6380-97-001RMC - 638097001FM1637McLennan
6381-02-001MMC - 638102001SH0150San Jacinto
6381-04-001MMC - 638104001US0059Polk
6381-14-001MMC - 638114001US0059Polk
6381-19-001MMC - 638119001IH0035La Salle
6381-20-001MMC - 638120001IH0035La Salle
6381-23-001MMC - 638123001FM0083Sabine
6381-28-001MMC - 638128001FM0225Nacogdoches
6381-50-001MMC - 638150001US0287Wilbarger
6381-51-001MMC - 638151001US0287Wichita
6381-72-001MMC - 638172001SH0044Jim Wells
6381-73-001MMC - 638173001US0181Bee
6382-04-001MMC - 638204001SH0021Houston
6382-15-001MMC - 638215001SH0150San Jacinto
6382-21-001MMC - 638221001US0082Montague
6382-23-001MMC - 638223001US0183Throckmorton
6382-60-001MMC - 638260001US0059Polk


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Letting & Bids