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Environmental Management System (EMS)

The Environmental Management System (EMS) is part of TxDOT’s core business processes used to manage environmental considerations during all phases of road construction from concept through final construction. The EMS program is built on the continuous improvement model of plan, do, check and act.

The objective of the EMS is to develop and implement processes that focus on improving environmental compliance and performance so that TxDOT can be and remain fully compliant with the environmental legal requirements.

Training courses

Title Description
Environmental Management System Training Matrix A matrix listing courses available for contractors and consults as referenced in TxDOT contracts.
TxDOT and Contractor Primary Operators as Co-Permittees SP 506-003 and SP 007-004 Overview of TxDOT and contractor responsibilities regarding SP 506-003 and SP007-004, small and large site notices, and NOI Application/Permit (5 acres or more soil disturbance)
TxDOT and Contractor Filing an NOI with TCEQ as Primary Operators on Project Provides instructions on how to complete the TCEQ NOI using the same regulated entity RN number.
Frequently Asked Questions Environmental Management System Training Addresses frequently asked questions about EMS training requirements for TxDOT’s Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying Consultants (including CEIs)

TxDOT Environmental Management System courses are available through the University of Texas-Arlington's Division for Enterprise Development and through AASHTO’s Training Store. Contractors should review their contract or contact the TxDOT district office for a list of specific required courses. Courses are generally one hour in length.