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Guidelines for vehicle, equipment, and real property management

When using federal and state purchased assets, the Subrecipient is responsible for keeping the assets in a good state of repair. The following requirements outline the documentation/policies that must be in place to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements.

Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan

It is important for Subrecipients to familiarize themselves with the TAM Plan. The TAM Plan contains four major components and is critical to ensuring assets are maintained in a state of good repair (SGR) and planning for their eventual disposition/replacement. The major components are:

  • TAM targets and goals.
  • Inventory of capital assets.
  • Management approach.
  • Proposed investments and resources section.

Click here to access the TAM Plan.

Vehicle and equipment maintenance requirements

When purchasing equipment and fleet assets using federal and state funds, it is important those assets in a state of good repair to ensure they’re available for their designated purpose. To ensure compliance with state asset management requirements, the Subrecipient must establish a maintenance program that includes the following items:

  • A written maintenance plan.
  • Preventive maintenance inspections and scheduled services, which shall include at a minimum the manufacturers' recommended servicing schedules.
  • Provisions for accessibility.
  • Management of maintenance resources.
  • Warranty compliance and recovery.
  • Standards for maintenance subcontractors.

Real property and facilities

Subrecipients utilizing property and facilities purchased in whole or in part with federal and/or state funds shall perform the necessary maintenance and groundskeeping to preserve the value of the original investment and its physical appearance and integrity. 

Additionally, these requirements apply in all instances where federal and state funds were used to pay for additions/rehabilitation projects on existing facilities. 

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