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TxDOT MS4 Discharge Notification

Many NPDES and TPDES discharge permits include conditions requiring the submittal of various notices to the operators of any Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) expected to receive discharge from the activity. If you are required to notify TxDOT of discharges in accordance with your NPDES or TPDES permit, use the submission form below to complete this action. When completing the form, you will need to be sure to include information that is consistent with your permit/application, as well as attach any necessary documents.

Please note that, per Part II.C of TxDOT’s MS4 permit, TxDOT retains the authority to disallow discharges (including TPDES-permitted discharges) into the TxDOT right-of-way under certain conditions.

How do I know if my project will discharge to TxDOT's MS4?

Below is a link to the TxDOT MS4 AOTS, which shows TxDOT’s MS4 areas. TxDOT’s MS4 area is defined as the state highway right of way (ROW) within urbanized areas.

MS4 Notice of Intent (NOI) area map

Title Date Description
TxDOT MS4 Areas 09/22 This map shows the TxDOT MS4 areas. This map may be used to determine if your site has the potential to discharge to TxDOT’s MS4. TxDOT’s MS4 is defined as the state highway right of way (ROW) within urbanized areas.

Submission by mail

If you prefer to submit your notice to discharge to TxDOT’s MS4 by mail, please complete the TxDOT MS4 Regulated Discharge Notification Form and send to:

TxDOT Environmental Affairs Division Attn: Operations Compliance Team 6230 E Stassney Ln Austin, TX 78744

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