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Commission FAQs

The Texas Transportation Commission consists of five commissioners appointed to govern TxDOT by the govenor with the advice and consent of the senate. The commissioners' six-year terms are staggered so that an appointment is generally made every two years. The governor designates one commissioner to serve as the chair.

The Texas Transportation Commission is responsible for:

  • planning and making policies for the location, construction and maintenance of state highways,
  • overseeing the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the state highway system,
  • developing a statewide transportation plan that contains highways and turnpikes, aviation, mass transportation, railroads, high-speed railroads and water traffic,
  • awarding contracts for the improvement of the state highway system,
  • fostering and assisting in the development of public and mass transportation in the state, and
  • adopting rules for the operation of the department.

A complete list of Commission duties is available in the Texas Administrative Code

A majority of the state's transportation program is determined locally. Most projects involving local roads or improvements to existing highways are selected by TxDOT's districts and divisions.

Major projects that improve mobility or safety are selected by the commission as part of the Unified Transportation Program, a 10-year statewide plan for transportation project development. These high-cost projects must compete with similar jobs from all over the state to receive funding.

Each must follow three authorization stages: planning, development, and construction. Due to complex planning and development requirements, the commission selects projects up to four years in advance based on anticipated funding.

Building a highway, bridge or other major transportation improvement is a long-term process that involves the participation of both transportation professionals and the public. Local communities in cooperation with TxDOT districts determine their transportation priorities. These priorities form the basis for how projects move through the TxDOT selection process.

There are many opportunities for local involvement in transportation projects. To learn more about public involvement opportunities, contact your local TxDOT district.

During the monthly commission meeting, citizens have the opportunity to express their concerns about any item posted on the agenda, or any issue that falls under the commission's jurisdiction. To learn how to be added to the commission's meeting agenda, please visit the Texas Administrative Code website and click on §1.4.

If you are unable to attend commission meetings, you may write a letter to the commission at:

125 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701-2483

Meetings are usually held at the DeWitt C. Greer building in Austin, located at 125 East 11th Street. 

The commission meets once a month. The dates and time are noted on the agenda link on the commission meetings page.

There are several opportunities for a person or group to speak before the commission during the monthly commission meetings.

Posted Agenda Items - Anyone may sign up to speak on a posted agenda item. Yellow sign-up cards are available at the lobby table and speakers will be heard on an agenda item before the commission votes.

Open Comment Period - At the end of the agenda of each regular commission meeting, the commission will allow up to one hour for an open comment period. Speakers may address the commission on any subject under the jurisdiction of the commission. Speakers must sign up before the beginning of the open comment period using a blue card provided at the lobby table.

For posted agenda items or during the open comment period, speakers are allowed three minutes for comments. The commission chair may limit or extend that period to assure that as many people as possible may speak during the time available.

New Agenda Items - A person may request that an item be added to the commission agenda. The request must be in writing and received by the commission chair at least 20 days before the date of the meeting. The request must include:

  • the name and address of the person making the request;
  • a clear and concise statement of the subject of the proposed agenda item; and
  • a brief summary of the action sought.

If the chair determines that the proposed item is within the jurisdiction of the commission and concerns a matter in which there is sufficient public interest to warrant consideration by the commission as an agenda item, the chair may place the matter on the posted agenda for a subsequent meeting.

Complete guidelines for appearing before the commission are contained in the Administrative Rules at Title 43, Texas Administrative Code, §1.4.