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Labor Day

The Drive Sober. No Regrets. statewide impaired driving campaign is an effort by TxDOT to raise awareness about the dangers of driving while intoxicated, particularly around the Labor Day holiday weekend when many people are celebrating the end of summer.

The campaign aims to challenge any notion that people can avoid the consequences of drinking and driving and reminds drivers and motorcyclists to avoid drinking and driving or risk injuring someone, killing someone, or facing severe costs that include fines and fees, loss of their driver’s license, probation and even jail time.

The Drive Sober. No Regrets. campaign asks that all Texas do one simple thing: Don’t get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking any amount of alcohol. If your Labor Day plans involve alcohol, always find a sober ride home.

To learn more about the real costs of driving impaired and to find tips for a sober ride, visit Follow the hashtag #DriveSoberNoRegrets to keep up with the campaign on social media.



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