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State Highway 130 Information

Improved mobility for Central Texas is on the way with a 40-mile extension of State Highway (SH) 130 from Austin to Seguin.

SH 130 is a state-owned toll road being developed under public-private partnership with the SH 130 Concession Company. Under the agreement, the developer is designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the toll road over 50 years. The developer is also financing the project, including right of way costs, thereby lifting the financial burden from Caldwell, Guadalupe and Travis counties.

The $1.3 billion private investment in the state transportation system gives the state a share of the toll revenue, which will be used for other regional mobility improvements.

The SH 130 extension, opening in 2012, is from SH 130/SH 45 Southeast near Creedmoor to I-10 east of Seguin. More information is available about the SH 130 extension (segments 5 & 6).