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Crash Data Analysis and Statistics

TxDOT is responsible for the collection and analysis of crash data submitted by law enforcement on form CR-3, Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report. We maintain a statewide automated database for all reported motor vehicle traffic crashes received by TxDOT.

The records retention schedule approved by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for crash data and reports is the current calendar year plus the 10 previous calendar years. The current retention schedule effective in 2015 contains only the current year plus the previous five years. Data for years beyond this period is not available. Each year TxDOT will continue to add one year to the retention schedule until the 10-year retention schedule is met.

Annual Summary Reports

Summary reports of various data collected from reportable motor vehicle traffic crashes are published annually. The previous year's data are published by June of the following year. These Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics reports are available for download. Statistics contained in these reports are generated from data provided by TxDOT's Crash Records Information System (CRIS) ®.

Crash Data Request

You may request location-specific data or information not published in the annual report format by completing and submitting the online request form.

Requested data can either reflect the entire state of Texas or a specific location - county, city, highway, local street, or intersection.

Note: Requests for crash data are not accepted via phone or through the email link below. Requests are only accepted by submission of the online request form above or by mailing the completed request form to:

Crash Records
Texas Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 12879
Austin, TX  78711

Automated Crash Data Interface Files

TxDOT has an automated process for obtaining crash data files from the Crash Records Information System (CRIS) ®. This process allows users to make requests at their convenience after an easy, one-time self-registration process.

For additional information (not to submit a request), please email us or contact us at 844-CRIS-HLP (844-274-7457).

CRIS Query

CRIS Query is a subsystem that allows public users to query and analyze crash reports in the repository by providing a specific set of criteria across the searchable crash data contained by the CRIS system. Users could, for example, use the system to find out how many fatalities occurred in San Saba in 2015.

To perform a query and obtain more information on the CRIS Query function, visit the links below: