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PI&E Objective/Performance Measure

Enter your target number of presentations, media exposures and community events planned for this proposal.

Minimum numbers for yearlong STEPs are indicated below :
Presentations required 4
Media Exposures - 4
Community Events - 2

Minimum numbers for STEP Waves are indicated below :
Presentations required - 1 per Wave Period
Media Exposures - 2 per Wave Period
Community Events - 1 per grant period

Proposals that exceed the minimum PI&E target numbers will receive additional points during the proposal scoring process. Click here to see STEP Score Sheet.

Note: If your agency does not wish to produce public information and/or educational materials, then you must use a 0 for your target number.

Note: Distribution of public information and educational (PI&E) materials is a requirement of a STEP Yearlong or a STEP Wave project. Please provide the number of PI&E materials to be distributed during the grant period.

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