2023 Traffic Safety Request for Proposals

General Traffic Safety Grants Traffic Safety Program Needs
The "Program Needs" section of the RFP contains a "Performance Measures" table that outlines goals and strategies for each of the Traffic Safety Program areas.

High Priority Program Needs
TxDOT seeks Proposals in all program areas; however we are particularly interested in Proposals that address specific needs as listed in RFP section "Program Needs, High Priority Program Needs."

Corrections to RFP (12/03/2021)
On Page 32 of the RFP, the following criteria has been deleted under Proposal Selection section "Proposals that duplicate the efforts of existing projects will not be considered".

Proposal Questions
* All proposal-related questions must be submitted via email to TRF_RFP@txdot.gov by 11:59 p.m. CST on November 29, 2021
* Email subject lines must begin "RFP Question:" followed by a specific topic
* A question-and-answer document will be posted by December 03, 2021
* Telephone inquiries are not accepted

Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) Traffic Safety Grants

RFP Training Files
FY 2023 General Proposal Training Video
FY 2023 General Proposal Score Sheet

FY 2023 STEP Proposal Training Video
FY 2023 STEP Power Point Presentation

RFP Questions & Answers (Posted on December 03, 2021)
A list of questions that have been submitted with answers are available by clicking on below links
FY 2023 General RFP Questions & Answers
FY 2023 STEP RFP Questions & Answers

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