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The Lubbock Outer Route Study is in its second phase of development. The first phase, known as the Lubbock Outer Route Feasibility Study, was initiated to determine the feasibility of an outer route around Lubbock from US 84 northwest of Lubbock to US 84 southeast of Lubbock. The first phase concluded in 2010 with a finding of feasibility for a four-lane divided highway in 2030. The findings allowed for the study to progress to phase two to conduct additional analysis to identify a specific route for the proposed highway facility.

Phase One

Phase one of the Lubbock Outer Route involved a feasibility study that explored the need for a new road around the city and included the south and west side of Lubbock, from US 84 northwest to US 84 southeast of the city. The feasibility study focused on the need for a new road and its impact on the area. Three public meetings were conducted. Existing roadways were evaluated, funding options were explored and all alternatives were considered, including the option to defer the project. For more information see Lubbock Outer Route - Phase One.

Phase Two

The final report wraps up a 15-month study to determine a Preferred Route, summarizing the route study process including traffic, societal and environmental analyses. The report details the established final route and includes public input/comments received during three public meetings held in February, June and August.

Stakeholder Meetings
Public Meetings

Aug. 21, 2014
June 17, 2014
Feb. 25, 2014

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