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Unified Transportation Program - Public Involvement

The Texas Transportation Commission approved the 2015 Unified Transportation Program (UTP) on Aug. 28, 2014.

A public meeting to accept comments on the proposed Proposition 1 Projects and the updates to the 2015 UTP will be held on Jan. 20, 2015. More information on specific Prop 1 projects and locations is available.

Please contact us for more information.


You may participate via the online meeting (WebEx), which includes a teleconference, or via teleconference only. Directions for each are as follows:

Online Meeting (WebEx)

1. Visit the online meeting sign-up page (WebEx)

2. Enter meeting number: 738 459 208

3. Enter password: 12345

4. Click "Join."

5. Provide your phone number to receive a call back to join the teleconference

Note: The online meeting is now also available on mobile devices.

Teleconference Only

1. Call the following:

Call-in toll-free number: (866) 637-1408 (US)

Call-in number: (866) 637-1408 (US)

2. Enter conference code: 512 066 9507

Public Comment

Leave an online comment or print a comment form and mail it to:

Attention: Principal Engineer
P.O. Box 149217
Austin, TX 78714-9217

Public Meeting Schedule

Date Topic Meeting Location
4 p.m.
Updates to the 2015 UTP
Your local TxDOT District Office
or join the WebEx meeting (see instructions at the top of the page)

Public Hearing Schedule

Date Topic Meeting Location
10 a.m.
Updates to the 2015 UTP
Texas Department of Transportation
118 E. Riverside Dr., Bldg. 118
Austin, TX 78702


Title Format
Draft 2015 UTP Updates Exhibit - Feb. 2015
2015 UTP Administrative Revisions - Feb. 2015
Public Meeting Presentation - Jan. 20, 2015
Public Meeting Presentation (.wav file) - Jan. 20, 2015

Public Comment

The table below contains the public comment deadlines for UTP public hearings.

Hearing Date Topic Comment Deadline

Updates to the 2015 UTP
4 p.m.

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