About Public Hearings & Meetings

Public hearings and meetings allow you to participate in the transportation planning process and help you better understand the road, rail and aviation projects that affect your community. TxDOT is committed to improving our transportation system through citizen participation. Typical avenues of involvement include the following:

Public Meeting

  • Held throughout the planning process
  • Intended to present information, exchange ideas and gather input from the public on the need for, and possible alternatives to a project
  • Usually focus on a specific issue, project or planning document

Public Hearing

  • More formal than a public meeting
  • Held after project location and design studies are developed and the environmental review document is considered technically complete
  • Held prior to a final decision to gather community comments from all interested parties for the official public record
  • A presiding officer oversees the proceedings and ensures that a complete record is kept

Open House

  • Can feature presentations, slide shows and one-on-one discussions between community residents and TxDOT staff
  • Information is presented buffet style, where you can move at your own pace from station to station
  • Attendees may drop in at their convenience

Town Hall

  • Open forum for citizens and local officials to talk with TxDOT staff
  • No time limits and no specific topics for discussion
  • Any type of transportation question may be asked