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Below are links to Excel forms for use with SiteManager, a software program that automates and streamlines the management of highway construction contracts.

Date No. Title Format
03/15 AASHTO315 Dynamic Shear Rheometer
03/15 AASHTOT26 Chemical Analysis of Water
03/15 ASTMA931 Tension Testing of Wire Ropes and Strand
03/15 ASTMC1202 Electrical Indication of Concrete's Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration (Permeability)
03/15 ASTMD2369 Percent Solids of Curing Compound
03/15 Form 202 Electronic Version of the 202 Identification Tag
03/15 HCCMxDes2 Hydraulic Cement Concrete Mix Design and Control (Mix Design)
04/15 Power45 Power 45 Chart
04/15 Tx1001 Ride Quality Analysis
04/15 Tx101P3 Sieve Analysis of Road-Mix Stabilized Material - Part III
03/15 Tx103 Moisture Content of Aggregates
03/15 Tx104-6 Atterberg Limits
03/15 Tx107 Bar Linear Shrinkage
03/15 Tx110 Particle Size Analysis
03/15 Tx110P2 Particle Size Analysis of Soil - Part II
03/15 Tex112 Admixing Lime to Reduce Plasticity Index of Soils
03/15 Tx113,4 Moisture-Density Relations of Base Material and Cohesionless Sand and Subgrade and Embankment Soils
03/15 Tx113 Moisture-Density Relations of Base Material and Cohesionless Sand
03/15 Tx114 Moisture-Density Relations of Subgrade and Embankment Soils
03/15 Tx115 Nuclear Density and Moisture Determination: Tex-115-E
03/15 Tx116 Resistance to Degradation by Wet Ball Mill Method
03/15 Tx117 Triaxial Compression Tests: Tex-117-E
04/15 Tx120 Soil-Cement Testing
03/15 Tx120-21 Soil-Cement or Lime Testing
03/15 Tx121 Soil-Lime Testing
03/15 Tx121P3 Determining Stabilization Ability of Lime by Soil pH
03/15 Tx123 Determining the Drainage Factor of Soil Materials
03/15 Tx124 Potential Vertical Rise
03/15 Tx128 Determining Soil PH
03/15 Tx129 Measuring the Resistivity of Soil Materials
03/15 Tx12ASB Density of Asphalt Stabilized Base
03/15 Tx130 Slurry Testing
03/15 Tx140 Measuring Thickness of Pavement Layer
03/15 Tx144 Dielectric Value Test
03/15 Tx145,146 Testing Soil and Base Material
03/12 Tx145P2 Testing Soil and Base Material
03/15 Tx200 Sieve Analysis of Non-Surface Treatment Aggregates
03/15 Tx200st Sieve Analysis of Surface Treatment Aggregate
03/15 Tx201 Bulk Specific Gravity and Water Absorption of Aggregate
03/15 Tx203 Sand Equivalent
03/15 Tx207,27 HMAC Properties and Gradation
03/15 Tx207V Segregation Profile
03/15 Tx207V-4 Segregation Profile for Four (4) Sublots
03/15 Tx207VII TEX-207-F, PART VII Longitudinal Joint Density
03/15 Tx208,31 Determining Stability of Bituminous Mixtures
03/15 Tx217 Deleterious Materials and Decantation For Coarse Aggr
03/15 Tx224 Determining Flakiness Index
03/15 Tx226 Indirect Tensile Strength Test
03/15 Tx229 Combined Gradation
03/15 Tx235 Determining Draindown Characteristics in Bituminous Materials
03/15 Tx236 Asphalt Content and Combined Aggregate Gradation
03/15 Tx242 Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Test
03/15 Tx244 TEX-244-F, Thermal Profile of Hot Mix Asphalt
03/15 Tx244-4 TEX-244-F, Thermal Profile of Hot Mix Asphalt (4 Sublots Included)
03/15 Tx245 Cantabro
03/15 Tx246 Time of Water Flow of Compacted Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement
03/15 Tx248 Overlay Test
03/15 Tx280 Flat, Elongated, or Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregate
03/15 Tx2AC Determination of Moisture, Asphalt and Volatile Content
03/15 Tx2ExtGrd Combined Gradation
03/15 Tx2MgEst Estimated Magnesium Sulfate Soundness Loss
03/15 Tx2MixDe14 HMACP Mixture Design: Combined Gradation (2014)
04/15 Tx2MixDe4 HMACP Mixture Design: Combined Gradation (2004)
03/15 Tx2MxProp HMAC Mix Properties
04/15 Tx2Patch Designing Patch Mix
03/15 TX2Performance Performance Testing Request Form
03/15 Tx2QCQA04 QC/QA Design Data
03/15 Tx2QCQA14 2014 QC/QA Design Data
03/15 Tx401-2 Sieve Analysis for Fine and Coarse Aggregate
03/15 Tx403-5,9 Moisture Properties and Unit Weight of Concrete Aggregates
03/15 Tx404 Unit Weight of Lightweight Surface Treatment Aggregates
03/15 Tx406 Decantation Test for Concrete Aggregates
03/15 Tx408 Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregate for Concrete
03/15 Tx410 Resistance to Degradation by Abrasion and Impact in Los Angeles Machine
03/15 Tx411m Magnesium Sulfate Soundness
03/15 Tx411s Sodium Sulfate Soundness
03/15 Tx413 Deleterious Materials
03/15 Tx414,6 Determining Air Content of Portland Cement Concrete
03/15 Tx417 TEX-417-A, Unit Weight, Yield, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Concrete
03/15 Tx418,48 Portland Cement Concrete Report
03/15 Tx423 Determining Pavement Thickness by Direct Measurement
03/15 Tx423B Determining Bridge Deck Thickness by Direct Measurement
03/15 Tx424 Measuring Length of Drilled Concrete Cores
04/15 Tx424,III Testing of Drilled Cores of Portland Cement Concrete
03/15 Tx430 Slump Loss of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
03/15 Tx431 Pressure Slaking Test of Synthetic Coarse Aggregate
03/15 Tx432 Coarse Aggregate Freeze-Thaw
03/15 Tx433 Absorption and Dry Bulk Specific Gravity of Lightweight Coarse Aggregate
03/15 Tx436 Measuring Texture Depth by the Sand Patch Method
03/15 Tx438 Accelerated Polish Test for Coarse Aggregate
03/15 Tx451 Density of In Place Unhardened and Hardened Concrete by the Nuclear Methods
03/15 Tx460 Course Aggregate Angularity by Fractured Faces Count
03/15 Tx461 Degradation of Coarse Aggregate by Micro-Deval Abrasion
03/15 Tx472 Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report Uniformity of Concrete
03/15 Tx4AgClas Accelerated Polish Test for Coarse Aggregate
03/15 Tx4Fresh Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report
03/15 Tx4Hard Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report for Structural Concrete
03/15 Tx4Hard2 TEX-418-A, Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens
03/15 Tx4Pave04 Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report for Concrete Pavement
03/15 TX4RCC Roller Compacted Concrete Worksheet
03/15 Tx530 Effect of Water on Bituminous Paving Mixtures (Boiling and Stripping)
03/15 Tx531 Prediction of Moisture-Induced Damage to Bituminous Paving Mixtures
03/15 Tx600 Lime Testing
03/15 Tx612 Acid Insoluble Residue for Fine Aggregate
03/15 Tx620 Determining Chloride and Sulfate Content in Soils
03/15 Tx743 Testing Mechanical Couplers for Slip, Fatigue and Tensile Strength
03/15 TxARDes Asphalt-Rubber Binder Design
03/15 TxBITIAT Hot Mix Asphalt, Independent Assurance Testing
03/15 TxCC04 Plot Control Chart, Use in Conjunction with QC/QA Template
04/15 TxCompMat Compost Organic Matter and Maturity Test
03/15 TxDrlShft Bridge - Drill Shaft Report
03/15 TxFBMxDes Mix Design for Flowable Backfill
03/15 TxPlng.xlsm Bridge - Piling Report
03/15 TxRandNum04 Instructions for Generating Random Numbers Using TxRandNum.XLSM (2004)
03/15 TxRap1 TEX-106-E OR TEX-406-A
03/15 TxRap2 Properties of Recovered Asphalts by the Abson Process
03/15 TX4RCC Roller Compacted Concrete Worksheet
03/15 TxTRAs Tests Properties of Asphaltic Materials
03/15 TxTrasph Test Properties of Asphaltic Materials